Facilities Maintenance Fishkill - 24-7 Janitorial Services Corp -Quality Assurance Program

24/7 Janitorial Services Corp. managers quickly adopt a level of excellence in quality workmanship. Our very reason for being in business rests upon our ability to deliver outstanding, hi-quality work and customer service, and maintain that level of consistency.

At 24/7 we have put systems and procedures in place that Operations uses to measure and support all supervisor as they achieve and maintain the desired results, consistent with customer objectives and the 24/7 standards of customer satisfaction.

Our system for Quality Control is as follows:

  • At frequent intervals, corporate staff will visit the facility to audit the performance of the site staff.
  • Every week, the supervisor’s progress reports are submitted and reviewed by Corporate to determine the accomplishments of tasks as it relates to the customer’s satisfaction and goals.
  • Daily, written inspections are submitted by the Supervisor.
  • We recommend that formal weekly tours be conducted with your coordinator and 24/7 Janitorial Services Corp. management.
  • 5. A complete site inspection will be scheduled once a month by 24/7 and the representative from your facility's group.

The objective of our Quality Assurance Program is to establish the highest standard of cleaning through the use of available resources. Our program is designed to establish an ongoing method to evaluate and monitor the cleaning services we provide.